Jiangxi Hongte Insulating Material No. 222, Wang'anshi Avenue, Fuzhou High-tech Park, Jiangxi, China

Author: Rose Jiang                                                                     Date: 15th July, 2015

Mr. Guofei Yang, the Director of Hongte & Tengde, was born in poor family, whose great efforts and talents for insulating material has brought a large change in his life. He had ever kept researching the resin component of German Quality which was vacant in Chinese Market and finally challenged the Monopoly situation in German. He has set up his own factory both Guangzhou in 2004 and Chongren of Fuzhou in 2010, obtaining over 40% market now.

With good development of Hongte and brilliant leading of Director Mr. Yang, our sales team has successfully built the long term mutual cooperation with TBEA, CHNT, CEEG, HYOSUNG and AUX etc. In order to develop good and stable quality Epoxy Resin products with the temperature resistance 180℃. A new company named Tengde was set up and the vacuum casting equipment from Hedrich Germany was imported in 2013. It has contributed a lot to the growth of sales both at home and abroad. The estimated sales can reach 150 to 200 million in 2016.

To explore the oversea markets, Hongte & Tengde attends the Berlin CWIEME every year. Most of Dry Type Transformer Manufactures in Middle East and European Countries are our customers. All the members of Hongte & Tengde company will open up a new era and blueprint under the guidance of Mr. Guofei Yang.

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