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Mindful people in the lab

Yang Guofei was born in 1984 in a poor family in Lipi Town, Chongren County. In 2001, 17-year-old Yang Guofei went south to Guangzhou with 200 yuan. While working in a chemical company, he was exposed to insulating materials for the first time in his life, which changed his life.
In the factory, although Yang Guofei is a front-line production worker, he is naturally interested in blending and production. He always likes to go to the laboratory to see how the masters fiddle with various ingredients. Get acquainted with the masters. One day in 2002, the salesman of the company told Yang Guofei: "There is a very profitable thing in the market now, but it's all foreign products, and few people in China do it." The salesman's unintentional remarks strongly stimulated Yang Guofei's Adrenal glands, the urge to make this "money thing" excited him. He asked the salesman for samples from the market, came to the laboratory, and began to deploy according to the gourd painting.
The "things that make money" in the salesman's mouth refers to the insulating epoxy resin used on dry-type transformers. In the laboratory, Yang Guofei stayed for three months. Modify the recipe, ask the master, compare the samples, over and over again. Because they are very familiar with the masters in the laboratory, the masters are always answering and answering Yang Guofei's questions. Three months later, something similar to the sample was released. Yang Guofei was excited for a while, and a bigger idea sprouted in his heart.

The golden idea of ​​50,000 yuan

With his own product, Yang Guofei thought of going it alone. In 2004, Yang Guofei mobilized his brother-in-law to invest 500,000 yuan and developed his own technology to establish Hongte Insulation Materials Co., Ltd.
In the early days of going it alone, Hongte Resin encountered difficult market promotion. Due to the famous brand effect of German products, many manufacturers are reluctant to try the "nobody" of Hongte resin. First, they do not believe in their quality, and second, they are afraid of breaking their own equipment. The result of eating "closed doors" in a row made Yang Guofei's company lose money again and again, losing 80,000 yuan in 8 months, which made Yang Guofei anxious. The brother-in-law was brought in by himself, but the money he promised earlier turned into a series of consecutive losses for several months. After weighing it again and again, Yang Guofei finally agreed to his brother-in-law's withdrawal of capital, and then he would seek new partners.
"Because I didn't know how to make a business case at the time, everything was persuaded to impress investors." In order to convince investors that insulating epoxy resins have broad market prospects, Yang Guofei took investors to many manufacturers to conduct on-site inspections and analyze market demand. . In the end, in the lobbying again and again, Yang Guofei found a second partner and injected 2 million yuan into "Hongte".
The second time the company was launched, Yang Guofei came up with an idea to knock on the door of the market: start with a small factory and take out 50,000 yuan as a deposit for trial "Hongte" products. Equipment, "Hongte" company fully compensated. With this guarantee premise, many small factories began to try Hongte resin, and the effect was good. Yang Guofei finally saw a small door opened to him by the market. After capturing the group of small factories, Hongte Resin has entered the door of many medium-sized enterprises using the same method. A year and a half later, Hongte resin began to make a good impression in some small and medium-sized enterprises: high quality and low price.
With a golden idea of ​​50,000 yuan, Yang Guofei earned the first pot of gold in his life: 4 million yuan.

PK with the Germans

At the beginning of the establishment of "Hongte Insulation", the domestic dry change insulation material market was almost dominated by German products. Now, after several years of development, "Hongte Insulation" has become the largest dry change insulation material manufacturer in the country. The output value is 80 million yuan, and the market share reaches 40%. Similar German products were sold at the highest price of 120 yuan per kilogram in China. Under the pressure of "Hongte Insulation", the price has dropped to 32 yuan per kilogram now.
The 10 million yuan order won by "TBEA" in 2009 is a highlight in the marketing performance of "Hongte Insulation". "TBEA" is the largest transformer production base in China and even in Asia, headquartered in Xinjiang. Prior to this, the insulating materials used in "TBEA" dry-type transformers were all German products. In order to secure this order, Yang Guofei led his team to stay in Xinjiang for half a year, preparing materials and analyzing strategies - what should "Hongte" use to impress "TBEA"? In response to the "old-fashioned" payment methods and "harsh" after-sales conditions of German manufacturers, Yang Guofei offered two "Hongte" advantages of "absolute after-sales guarantee" and "flexible payment methods", and finally won the order.
After a good start, the cooperation between "Hongte Insulation" and "TBEA" has become more and more pleasant. In March this year, "TBEA" placed an order of 30 million yuan for "Hongte Insulation". German products are in The seat of "TBEA" was completely replaced by "Hongte Insulation".
Today, in the list of more than 500 customers of "Hongte Insulation", there are many well-known enterprises in the industry such as "Nantong Hyosung", "Tianjin Tebian" and "Ox".

The next goal - listing

In 2009, in order to support and prosper the economic construction of his hometown, Yang Guofeizhi, who was only 25 years old, responded to the government's call and returned to his hometown to set up a factory. "Hongte Insulation" officially settled in Chongren Industrial Park.
As an excellent young entrepreneur who returned to his hometown to start a business, Yang Guofei, with his far-sighted strategic vision and unique leadership skills, led all the employees of the company to be united, not afraid of difficulties and hardships, and made unremitting efforts to create Hongte's brilliance. The company was registered and established in November 2009. It was officially completed and put into operation in July 2010. In the year of production, it achieved sales revenue of 19.43 million yuan and paid taxes of 260,000 yuan. In 2011, it made a big leap, realizing sales income of 56.48 million yuan and paying taxes of 1.09 million yuan. In 2012, it doubled on the basis of 2011, realizing sales income of 120 million yuan, paying taxes of 2.41 million yuan, and providing nearly 100 jobs for the society. The product has a market share of more than 80% in this province and nearly 50% in other provinces and cities. In March this year, Yang Guofei spent more than 8 million yuan to introduce a set of automated production equipment from Germany, not only the work done by the previous 20 people Now only 6 people can do it, and the product performance is more stable, and the company's goal of completing the output value of 150-200 million yuan this year is more guaranteed.
The company's next development goal is to enter the international market in the second half of this year, and strive to become the first listed company in Chongren within three years.
Yang Guofei said this with confidence. "Our insulating material can be free of precipitation for 3 months, while similar products in Germany cannot."
Yang Guofei's confidence also comes from the company's next step in developing a new and higher-level insulating material with a temperature resistance index of 180 degrees. Using this insulating material with a higher temperature resistance index can increase the power and prolong the service life of the motor. If this research and development project is successful, it will play a very good role in promoting the market prospect and listing of "Hongte Insulation". In addition, the company has obtained two utility model technologies and one patented invention, and has obtained new product certificates issued by the science and technology department and the industry and information department for many times.

Give back to the society

While vigorously developing the enterprise, Yang Guofei did not forget to repay the society and clarified his social responsibilities. He actively participated in the Yushu, Zhouqu and Ya'an earthquakes to donate more than 500,000 yuan. In January 2011, he sponsored 50 poor primary and middle school students. In January 2013, it sponsored 55 poor students and 100 poor students in January 2013. His deeds have been widely reported by many media such as China Enterprise News, Jiangxi Satellite TV, Jiangxi Second Set, and Fuzhou TV Station. In less than 3 years, many brilliant achievements have been made, which have been widely concerned and recognized by the government and all walks of life. In 2012, Yang Guofei was appointed as a member of the 3rd CPPCC of Fuzhou City and a member of the 11th CPPCC Standing Committee of Chongren County.
Today, Yang Guofei, who runs a factory at home, is busy at work and in a happy mood. He travels around 300 days a year, and sometimes even shares three meals a day in three different cities. This young man who does not forget to promote "Hongte Resin" even with his QQ nickname , hoping to use his own efforts to achieve a long-term career and build a powerful "Hongte Empire".

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