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The main components of cleaning agent: mixtures like alkane, aliphatic hydrocarbon, fire retardant.
一、 Applications
It can be used to remove the oil, rosin, flux and other polar or non-polar organic compounds on the surfaces of electronics, plastics, synthetic rubber and metal parts, and it can remove dissolubility and Ionic residue in a better way (please use it as cleaning agent only )
二、Cleaning equipments
1、It can be used at the place where can the trichloro ethylene used directly.
2、 Please clean cleaning equipment thoroughly with cleaning agent before using the CFC—113
1、The PH value must be above 5.0 when using the cleaning agent.
2、When using it for cleaning plastic, please steep it for 12 hours before cleaning, and watch its change. Don’t use it if there is any change.
3、A mass of water will decrease the effect of the cleaning agent and will pollute the being leaned. So be careful. 
4、To avoid the loss of the cleaning agent, stamping the cleaning slot and the evaporation plant should add cooling system.
5、Please use it at the drafty places.
6、Because the boiling point of the cleaning agent is about 700 ℃, use it within 65℃ to 700℃. If the boiling point is higher than 720℃ and the oil content exceeds 50%, please replace a new cleaning agent (if the oil content is too much, the boiling point will decrease greatly)
7、The replacement of cleaning agent based on the cleaned (the hue or PH value), the effect of effluent will equal to the cleaning agent after regenerate through the recovery package.
8、For Security’s sake, when it’s going to the interior of the lotion slot, please put on the activate carbon mask, and enter after ventilating to no foul smell.

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