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  • PRODUCTS NAME: F level preimpregnation cloth
  • NO.: F level preimpregnation cloth
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一、Product introduction
F level preimpregnation cloth is made by baking with modified polyester film fiber nonwoven fabric soft composite materials (F level DMD) soaking heat-resisting epoxy resin.
F level DMD epoxy preimpregnation materials have advantages like good machinery and heat-resisting performance, long storage life and convenient forming process.
F level electromechanical slot insulation and turn-insulation is mainly applied for F level dry-type transformer low-tension coil’s layer insulation and insulation end, as well as F level electromechanical slot insulation and turn-insulation. Besides, compared with the traditional vaccum pressure impregnation low-tension winding, the foil type low voltage winding has advantage of good usability and it can not only enhance productivity but also reduce crosswise leakage flux that reduce the axial electrodynamic force which improve the short-circuit strengh.
二、Technical requirements and test methods
Technical requirements should satisfy the relevant provision of the company.
Test methods should be taken based on the standards of the company.
三、The main performance of the products
1、Good adhesion
Adopting epoxy resin as impregnating resin, the system has polar groups of epoxy group and amido, which has strong bonding strength to connect copper foil. After the product twined tightly with copper foil, there is no Low-molecular-weight volatile matter produced and can form insulation structure of small percentage of contraction.
2、Storage stability
The product has good storage stability and it can be stored to half a year under room temperature.
3、The curing process of the products
The curing temperature and time of the product is the key index for confirming the technology. Impregnating resin will be fast to solidify under mesotherm (130 to150℃) 

Table 1 Flevel DMD epoxy prepreg material solidifying temperature and time relationship


Curing time(h)

4、General performance 


Serial number
 performance   unit
Nominal thickness
  mm  0.15  0.18  0.20  0.25
Thickness allowable deviation
 mm  ±0.02  ±0.03 
Tensile strength lengthways no buckling
Dissolubl resin content
Volatile matter content
Breakdown voltage


 Stretch shear strength  Mpa 
Temperature exponent

If there is any other requirement, please have a negotiation

四、Testing, packaging, sign, transportation and storage
1、The predelivery test items of product are the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th requirements of the products standards.
2、The product should be stored below 25℃ in a dried, clear and good drafty storeroom, and don’t approaching the combustion source and avoid solar radiation.
3、The storage life of the product is half a year after the date of production, if it exceeds the storage life, it can be used only after being tested qualified according to the product standard.
4、The product will be baling and each one is 20 to 60kg, and it generally I continuous segments, the breadth can be as wide as 1500mm and it also can be divided into the tape spool according to the customers’ requirements.
5、If there’s any special requirement, we can have negotiation. The color of the products can meet the customer’s requirements. We can provide three colors of red, white and atrovirens and can also provide the color as the customers required.
6、Others should be accord with relevant standard of GB5591.1
五、Application reference technology (coil bake technological conditions) 


Temperature variation
   120℃--80℃/80℃    0.5h/1h 

As the diversity of production and application of various transformers, the date above can be adjusted according to the producers’ situation.

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