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  • PRODUCTS NAME: 7018A/B-ZR (inflaming retarding)
  • NO.: 7018A/B-ZR
  • ADD TIME: 2013-08-16
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7018A/B-ZR (inflaming retarding) two-liquid black potting compound

一、Application description
The product is two-liquid state potting material, normal cured epoxy resin which has the advantages of fast-speed curing speed in heating cure, good gloss of hardening substances’ surface, good insulativity and usability. It can be widely used in capacitor, voltage, the insulation pouring of small electronic parts of the voltage, which fire resistance can be 90--V-O level.
二、The features before curing  
  Host 7018A-ZR curing agent 7018B-ZR
Color black liquid dark brow liquid
Viscosity 40℃(mpa.s)  1.2×102 30
Density20℃(g/cm3  1.7~1.8  1.1~1.15
三、Method of application
Weighing accurately A/B according to the ratio criterion, and use it after fully mixing and stirring. Is it is used for large pouring section bar; it can have several times to finish.
Storage conditions: keep out of the sun. it can be stored in half a year.
四、Service conditions
Mixture ration A:B=100:20 weight ratio
Gel time 25℃×5hours
Up time 25℃×3 hour mixing capacity 100G
Curing condition 25℃×48 hour or curing in mesotherm at 80℃×4
五、The features after curing  
Volume resistance25℃        ohm.Cm 1.2×10 15
Surface resistance 25℃        ohm   1.3×10 14
Withstand voltage25℃         KV/mm2 16~19
Compressive strength  25℃       Kg/mm2 20~23
Bending strength  Kg/mm2  9~11
Impact strength Kg/cm/mm2  6~9
Dielectric constant  1khz 3.8
 Dielectric loss
1khz   0.02
Distortion temperature  90-100 
Hardness shored   80-85

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