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Release agent 6810
一、Application descripton
6810 is a solvent-free release agent used as a kind of parting mold. It is mainly used as dry-type transformer mould stripping.
二、Physical index 


clear or slight gray liquid
  Effective constituent   % 
about 100
Flash point
about 152
Compared with the weight
  25℃    about 0.99
  mm2/s    about 180

三、 Advantages
In these applications, 6810 has the following advantages: very easy to use, high effective demould performance; the demoulded has excellent surface gloss and the surface of mould has excellent adhesiveness and heat stability, so the mould basically has no obstruct and easy to clean.
The methods of application of release agent
Using brush or spray gun to clean mould and cover it totally with appropriate release agent not too thick. If using too much release agent, you can use dry cloth to manage it properly. If the mould is used for the first time, the release agent must be used three to four times before it. The management methods: coating the release agent once clear the mould and then put it to the oven for 20 minutes in 80+-5℃ and then seal it after coating the release agent.
5 kg
五、Storage and storage period
Keeping it in the original closed container within 20℃ to 50℃, the standardized validity of 6810 are12 months.
Please take references of storage and effective date on the package. If it exceeds the time limit, the company will not guarantee the products of sales specifications.
六、The management of coating for the moulded
If the moulded will be bonded, colored, polished or printed, it is necessary to care about degrease. And monitoring is also necessary. 
When polishing or printing, it is can be prevented to lack of adhesiveness during adding 0.1%-0.5%URCOOIL47V100-V350Z to coating and polish. Monitoring is also necessary as well.

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